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Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Rick Mena has been a favorite in Santa Fe, New Mexico for many years, including his 8-year engagement as featured soloist at the Hotel Santa Fe.

Playing banjo, fiddle, harmonica, mandolin, dobro, lap steel, electric and acoustic guitars, bass and vocals, Rick's styles range from bluegrass, Cajun, blues and rock to classical and flamenco. Rick studied classical guitar with Pat Corelli,

a student of Andres Segovia.

Rick began playing guitar at age 12 in La Crescenta, CA, and began playing professionally at age 15, performing in rock 'n roll bands at college fraternity parties and school functions, and even appearing at the Hollywood Palladium.

NEWS! (April, 2011): The song, "I'll Have to Say Goodbye", featured in the Steven Spielberg-produced film, "PAUL", was recorded by Rick in his studio, and features Rick on harmonica!

Rick is available for live performances in the Santa Fe area.
     Rick can perform instrumental solo guitar or vocal material while playing  guitar, fiddle, harmonica and Lap steel guitar with recorded rhythm tracks in the styles of pop, blues and country . To sample Rick’s solo guitar music  listen to cuts from “Fuente”.
     To sample Rick’s vocal material listen to cuts from “ Vintage covers and “Vintage Country Covers”. Rick also performs some of his original songs and instrumentals.
      If you are interested in booking Rick for your function please contact booking agent Vicky or Chris at Absolute Entertainment (505) 986 -5882

See at bottom of page songs that Rick performs LIVE but are not on CDs.

In his early 20s Rick moved to Orange County, CA, where he learned banjo and began playing in bluegrass bands in the Newport Beach area and in the Mammoth Lakes resort area and at Magic Mountain.

He has appeared on "The Gong Show," on movie soundtracks and in films, including the last "Gunsmoke" TV movie with James Arness. He has performed in Italy, and has recorded seven albums.

A man of many talents, Rick also owns a recording studio, builds electronic equipment, is a master carpenter and a "dabbler" in sculpture and graphic arts.

Rick is known for his professionalism, warm personality and incredible variety of styles .

ORDERING: I am not currently set up to order by credit card or PayPal.
Order by check: Rick Mena, 19 La Vela Rd., Santa Fe, NM 87507

Price: $12 per CD, plus $2 shipping per order, no matter what quantity.
Be sure to indicate CD title(s) desired.

Contact / Questions

If you would like to get in touch with Rick,
or book time in his recording studio, Ricky Recordo's,
please call 505-471-7503.

Rick Mena's music used in advertising videos (just 2 of several included here):
(Song is track #16 from "Fuente" CD below)






CDs available to order

Click on underlined songs to hear short samples

01. I Failed The Lie Detector Test (Rick Mena) (3:27) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RxEHqFuunE
02. Breaking Down the Walls (Mena) (3:39)
03. Joshua (Rick Mena) (3:31)
04. Iíve Been Looking (Rick Mena) (3:15)
05. Long Way (Rick Mena & Bruce Ellsworth) (2:28)
06. Life Is The Distance (Rick Mena & Gilbert Lujan) (3:25)
07. Styro Rider (Rick Mena) (2:59)
08. Captives of the Violent Screen (Rick Mena & Ian Bailey) (3:22)
09. Reality Is Insane ( Rick Mena) (5:04)
10. Please Donít Stray Away (Rick Mena) (3:19)
11. Tables Turned (Rick Mena & Elroy Periera) (3:08)
12. Dead Broke (Rick Mena) (2:59)
13. I'm a Fighter (Rick Mena) (2:59)
14. I Want My Guitar Back (Rick Mena) (3:25)
15. Boogie Board Beatnick (Rick Mena) (3:03)
16. I Can't Believe (Rick Mena) (3:50)
17. It Gets Lonely At The Top (Rick Mena) (3:35)
18. The Parasites (Rick Mena) (3:46)
19. Here I Am With Tears (Rick Mena) (3:12)
20. More And More Rain (Rick Mena & Gilbert Lujan) (3:34) .
21. Heart String (Rick Mena & Gilbert Lujan) (3:42)
22. It Doesnít Occur To Him (Rick Mena & Edward Compter) (3:29)

Click on one of these links for full lenth song streaming and downloading https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rick-Mena/285059658361024?sk=app_470868196288052
or http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mena2 or http://www.reverbnation.com/rickmena

01. There Will Come A Day (Rick Mena) 3:26
02. Make Mine A Two Step (Rick Mena & Rusty Meador) 3:17
03. Melanie Ann (Rick Mena) 3:04
04. The Last Train From Gun Hill (Rick Mena) 4:02
05. Little By Little (Rick Mena) 3:30
06. Slide Ride (Rick Mena) 3:02
07. The Changes (Rick Mena) 2:50
08. Live My Life (Rick Mena) 3:28
09. Anchors Away (Rick Mena) 3:10
10. I’ve Got A Mind To Love You (Rick Mena) 3:35
11. Don’t You Ever Wonder (Rick Mena) 3:01
12. Bed Creak (Rick Mena) 3:09
13. That’s The Way Cookie Crumbles (Rick Mena) 3:19
14 Pardon My Heartbeat (Rick Mena) 2:59
15 .Rejection (Rick Mena) 3:12

16. Please Don't Ride Your Horses (Rick Mena)
17. It's A Real Good Day (Rick Mena) 3:01
18. Sliding On Sunday (Rick Mena) 3:20
19. A Thousand Tomorrows (Rick Mena & L. D. Burke) 3:18
20. Line Of Time (Rick Mena) 3:25
21. Tumbling Stone (Rick Mena) 3:23
22. Why Is Love Unkind (Rick Mena) 3:59

Click on this link for full lenth song streaming http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mena2

Solo classical and flamenco-style guitar

01. Granada (De Agustín Lara) (2:54)
02. Canarios (Gaspar Sanz) (2:59)
03. Tango (Rick Mena) (3:53)
04. The Good The Bad & The Ugly (E. Morricone) (3:10)
05. Punta Y Tacon (Sabicas) (3:46)
06. Granada (Isaac Albéniz) (5:18)
07. Leyenda (Isaac Albéniz) (6:11)
08. The Lonely Bull (Lachoff Sol) (1:16)
09. Bed Creak (Rick Mena) (2:55)
10. Fuente (Rick Mena) (2:43)
11. Fangaguillo (F. Moreno Torroba) (2:03)
12. Coney Island Cakewalk (Richard Saslow) (2:01)
13. Picuris (Rick Mena) (5:07)
14. Classical Gas (M.D. Williams) (3:03)
15. Campaña Andaluza (Sabicas) (3:37)
16. Santa Fe Sunset Serenade (Rick Mena) (3:31)
17. Recurdos de la Alhambra (Francisco Tárrega) (3:32)
18. Granadina (Jose de Azpiazu) (2:40)
19. Apache (J. Lordan) (3:24)
20. Sakura (Traditional) (5:38)
21. Sukiyaki (K. Nishimira) (3:09)
22. Malagueñas (Traditional) (2:42)


01. Perfect Dream (Rick Mena) 3:11
02. Blow Wind Blow (McKinley Morgan Field) 3:04
03. Fly In My Face (Rick Mena) 3:13
04. I Saw The Writing (Rick Mena) 3:59
05. Boom Boom Out Go The Lights (Lewis) 3.22
06. Mexican On The Loose (Rick Mena) 3;29
07. Hoochie Coochie Man (Willie Dixon) 3:44
08. Hanging On My Wall (Rick Mena) 2:47
09. One Way Gal (William Moore) 3:25
10. Think About Your Children (Rick Mena) 3:08
11. Gin Joint Jump (Rick Mena) 4:05
12. My Babe (Willie Dixon) 3:52
13. Thumbs Up (Rick Mena) 3:03
14. Rockin’ Chair Moan ( Rick Mena) 4:07
15. Kindhearted Woman (Robert. Johnson) 3:34
16. Presidential Blues (Rick Mena) 3:09
17. The Barney Lewis Train Robbery (Rick Mena) 3:46
18. The Other Side Of Earth (Rick Mena) 3:01
19. Tell Me Mama (Walter Jacobs) 4:32
20. Down In Mexico (Rick Mena)3:31
21. She’s Got The Wammy (Rick Mena) 2:52


Train songs
Most of these songs have also been released on the
"Ride the Train " CD series on NBT Records)

01 .Cajun Train (Rick Mena) (3:06)
02. Half Past Midnight (Rick Mena & Steve Feruson) (3:28)
03. Get Off That Train (Rick Mena) (3:21)
04. Down In Mexico (Rick Mena) (3: 21)
05. The Barney Lewis Train Robbery (Rick Mena) (3:46)
06. The Last Train From Gun Hill (Rick Mena ) (4: 01)
07. Hurritrain ( Rick Mena & Gilbert Lujan) (3: 28)
08. Chuggen (Rick Mena) (3:35)
09. Me And My Flame (Rick Mena) ( 3:16)
10. Johnny (Rick Mena & Gilbert Lujan) (4:04)
11. Far Away Train (Rick Mena) (3:28)
12. No Train No Gain (Rick Mena) (3:15)

  1. 01. At Last ( Mack Gordon & Harry Warren) 4:26
    02. Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (Benjamin, Caldwell & Marcus) 3:03
    03. Landslide (Stevie Nicks) 3:44
    04. Friend Of The Devil ( Adrienne& Barry) 3:34
    05. Sleep Walk (Santo & Johnny Farina) 3:29
    06. Slip Away (Lewis, William & Wilbur) 3:14
    07. Heart Of Saturday Night (Tom Waits ) 4:13
    08. Who Do You Love (Ellis McDaniel & Chris Langdon) 3:25
    09. Whiter Shade Of Pale (Brooker & Reid) 3:50
    10. What Does It Take (J.Briston, H. Fuque, Chris Langdon) 3:07
    11. Stranger On The Shore ( Bilk-Mellin) 3:10
    12. Lonesome Train (Johnny & Doesey Bernette-G,T.Moore-M.Subosky) 2:47
    13. Listen To The Rhythm (John Gummoe) 3:00
    14. Dead Skunk ( Loudon Wainwright The 3rd) 3:30
    15. Give Me One Reason (Tracy Chapman) 4:28
    16. Take Five (Paul Desmond) 4:19
    17. Crazy Love (Van Morrison) 3:38
    18. Beyond The Sea (Lasry, Lawrence, Trenet) 3:04
    19. Can't Help Falling In Love (Peretti-Creatore-Weiss) 3:00
    20. Classical Gas (Mason D. Williams) 3:03
    21. Shiver Me Timbers (Tom Waits) 4:20



  1. Lovesick Blues (Cliff Friend & Irving Mills) 2:56
 2. Jambalaya (Hank Williams) 3:22
 3. Desert Sky (Toy Caldwell) 5:07                          
 4. Steel Guitar Rag (Mc Auliffe, Stone, Travis) 1:44
 5. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (Willie Nelson) 2:36
 6. I'm An Old Cowhand (John H. Mercer) 3:57  
 7. Louisiana Saturday Night (Robert Lee Mc Dill)  2:55
 8. Coney Island Cakewalk (Richard Saslow) 2:03
 9. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams) 3:33
10. Ghost Riders In The Sky (Hugh E. Thomasson) 4:20
11. Aschokan Farewell (Jay A. Ungar) 3:37
12. Diggy Diggy Lo ( J. D Miller) 3:41
13. Ring Of Fire (June Carter & Merle Kilgore) 2:53
14. Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash) 2:55
15. Tequila Sunrise (Don Henley & Glen Frey) 2:55
16. Louisiana Man (Doug Kershaw) 2:36
17. Comeback Song (Darius Rucker & Chris Stapleton) 3:40
18. Orange Blossom Special (Ervin T. Rouse) 5:08 
19. There's a Tear in my Beer (Hank Williams) 3:40
20. Deep River Blues (Doc Watson) 2:42   
21. The Devil Went Down To Georgia (Charlie Daniels, Crain,
            Di Gregorio, Edwards, Hayward and Marshall) 3:39

Hear Rick interviewed on BuDDy's Old Fashioned Podcast!



Rick Mena's "Ricky Recordo" studio in Santa Fe, NM provides recording and production services for a wide variety of projects.While equipped with the latest production programs like "Sonar," "SoundForge" and "Band in a Box", engineer Rick Mena is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, with numerous CDs to his credit, and original songs appearing  in videos distributed by Discovery Communications (an affiliate of The Discovery Channel), The Food Channel and others, and numerous recordings broadcast nationally. Reasonable rates, friendly service, good playing, great recording.

Rick's "LIVE" performed music not available on CDs yet
There is a lot more tunes that will be added as soon as new recording have been made



Bach Lute Prelude in A Minor (J.S.Bach)
Bach Prelude in D Minor (J.S.Bach)
Romanza (Unknown)
Lagrima (Francisco Tarrega)
Canon In D ( Johann Pachelbell)
Mi Hamaka (Mexican Traditional)
La Cacahuete (Mexican Traditional)
Red Haired Boy (Irish Reel)



    Blue Moon (Richard, Rodgers, Lorenz & Hart)
    Long Gone Lonesome Blues ( Hank Williams)
    Lonesome Town (Thomas Baker Knight)
    Blackbird (Lennon & McCarney)

If you would like to get in touch with Rick,
or book time in his recording studio, Ricky Recordo's,
please call 1-505-471-7503.




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